The Society operates a lending library for our collection of books – see titles below. Members may borrow books but must have them recorded by our Librarian, Frances Railton, or in her absence by another committee member.


  Title Author
1 The Antonine Wall David J Breeze
2 Beardmore Built Ian Johnston
3 John Brown Engineering – Power Contractors to the World John Hood
4 The Clydebank Blitz I M M McPhail
5 A History of Clydebank Co-operative Society William E Lawson
6 Clydebank in Old Picture Postcards John Hood
7 The History of Clydebank Compiled by John Hood
8 Clydebank Historical Journal – 1980 to 1993 Various
9 Craftsmen’s Measures in Prehistoric Times Ludovic Mann
10 Dancing Days – Life Stories from Clydebank College Various
11 Deadly Sunshine – The History and Fatal Legacy of Radium David I Harvie
12 Historic Dumbarton E Patricia Denison, Russell Coleman
13  Frontiers of the Roman Empire David J Breeze
14 Glenlee Colin Castle & Iain MacDonald

Guide to Prehistoric Scotland

Richard Feachem

16 Karluk William Laird McKinlay 
17 Limeys David I Harvie 
18 March Stones in the Kilpatrick Hills Robert A Rankin
19 Old Bowling, Duntocher, Hardgate and Old Kilpatrick John Hood
20 The History of West or Old Kilpatrick John Bruce
21 Old Kilpatrick in Pictures Clydebank District Libraries 
22 Ships for a Nation Ian Johnston
23 Singer Roll of Honour Singer Manufacturing Co.
24 The Singer Strike, Clydebank 1911 Glasgow Labour History Workshop
25 Singer in World War II Singer Manufacturing Co.
26 Untold Stories Clydebank Life Story Group
27 Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 1996  
28 The Prehistoric Rock of Southern Scotland  
29 Clydebank History Journals Various
30 Old Sewing Machines  
31 Bygone Clydebank John Hood
32 The Story of Drumchapel Allan Craig
33 Standfords – Clydebank’s First Factory David I Harvie 
34 River of Fire – The Clydebank Blitz John MacLeod
35 A Century of the Scottish People T.C.Smout
36 Scottish History of a Nation David Ross
37 The Schweppes Guide to Scotch Philip Morrice
38 Our Glasgow Piers Dudgeon
39 Clydebank – Asbestos the Unwanted Legacy  
40 Both Sides of the Burn (story of Yoker)  
41 Villages of Glasgow Aileen Smart
42 Antonine Wall – Hunterian Treasures Various
43 The Shipbuilders George Blake
44 More Memories of Glasgow Various
45 The Glasgow Encyclopedia Joe Fisher
46 Clyde Shipping The Twilight Years James A. Pottinger
47 Scotland’s Great Ships  B.D.Osborne,R.Armstrong
48 One Man’s River The Clyde in Pictures Len Paterson
49 Malta Convoys David A. Thomas
50 Song of the Clyde Fred M Walker
51 Glasgow a City at War B.D.Osborne,R.Armstrong
52 Ironfighters Outfitters and Bowler Hatters Geo.C.O’Hara
53 The Herald book of The Clyde R.Jeffrey & I.Watson
54 Glasgow’s Canals Unlocked   
55 The Life and Death of St Kilda Tom Steel
56 The Ice Master Jennifer Niven
57 Liners of the Clyde John Nicholson
58 The Grand Central Hotel Bill Hicks, Jill Scott
59 Provand’s  Lordship and Old Glasgow Glasgow Museums
60 Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre  
61 A Century in Atholl  
62 Blair Castle  
63 The Atholl Highlanders J L M Stewart
64 The History of the Royal Infirmary